Fuel Filtration Unit

Fuel Filtration Units (FFU) are mainly used for filtering and purifying light fuels such as aviation kerosene and diesel, and is used to remove particulate impurities, pollutants and moisture in the fuel. It is the main fuel purification equipment for fuel depots, fuel stations, fuel consumption units, and fuel production units.

The system integrates functions such as automatic demulsification, dehydration, and precision filtration, which can effectively remove water and impurities from the fuel. It can be used as an on-line filter of any fuel system. It can also be used independently as a pumping, refueling, and circulating filtering device.

The fuel in the system first passes a magnetic suction filter with a precision of 150um to protect the fuel pump from being damaged by large particulate pollutants. Then, the fuel enters the filter (options 12, 7, 5UM), and then is dehydrated by coalescence and separation. After that, it is processed into a protective fine filter (5UM) to ensure that the cleanliness of the fuelentering the user’s fuel tank reaches the design target.