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V10-V20 Single and Double Pumps

100% Replacement for Vickers and Rexroth Vane Pumps and Cartridge Kits

V10 / V20 Series are high quality fixed displacement and balanced type single and double vane pumps. With compact sizes, they are available in single pumps and double pumps for both industrial and mobile application. V210 V230 also available 

The vane design with self compensation for wear and clearances makes volumetric efficiency of pump nearly constant over the service life. (the vanes always adjust its orbit to contact with the cam ring, even though wear occurs between the cam ring and vane tips)

The vane pump is not damaged at low speed and high pressure operation because pumping action does not start until the speed is high enough for the vane to throw out. With hydraulically balanced design, the bearing is externally loaded only. Therefore, the pump requires minimized maintenance with long service life.

The inlet or outlet ports can be rotated through increments of 90o in relation to each other, providing application flexibility and easy installation.

With optional flow control and priority valve covers, the pump can be used in more applications. The flow control cover can limit the flow to the primary circuit at the required flow rate, while diverts remaining flow to the tank. The priority valve cover maintains a constant flow to the primary circuit, while diverts remaining flow to the secondary circuit. Each cover comes with a relief valve to limits the maximum pressure of the primary circuit.

All of our pumps are followed by a 1 year limited guarantee