25 35 45VT/ VQT (Single Thru Drive Pump)

100% Replacement for Vickers Thru Drive Vane Pumps and Cartridge Kits

Thru-drive models provide valuable circuit design flexibility, such as having fixed and variable displacement models on a single input drive, 

3 adaptor plates are available,  

Adaptor A (SAE A ,Dia 82.5) for V10 V20 series or other pumps

Adaptor B (SAE B, Dia 101.6) for V2010 V2010 20V 20VQ 25V 25VQ 2520V 2520VQ or other pumps

Adaptor C (SAE C, Dia 127)for 35V 35VQ 3520V 3520VQ 3525V 3525VQ 45V 45VQ or other pumps 

Thru-drive pumps save installation space and cost by eliminating double shaft extension electric motors or by reducing the number of motors and drive couplings.

All of our pumps are followed by a 1 year limited guarantee.