Oil Filtration Units

Did you know that more than 85% of the break downs in Hydraulic and Oil Lubrication Systems are caused because of the degrated oil quality due to water or impurities?

We offer innovative solutions that remove water, gas,  dust, sludge and impurities from your system’s hydraulic or lubrication oil, restoring in this way, its original performance.

Fields of application: Shipping Sector (Main Engines and Auxiliaries, Deck Machinery, Steering System), Industrial Sectors (Power Plants, Steel Mills, Mining, Drilling Rigs, Wind Turbines, etc) or any application that uses Hydraulic oil, Lubrication oil, Transformer oil, Turbine oil, Compressor oil, Insulating oil, Diesel oil, etc. 

Protect your investment and the environment, with one of our Oil Filtration Units.

DLT Series

RGDL Series

We have conducted a comprehensive test report about the function and results of our oil filtration units. The report was conducted by independent engineers and the results were provided by a specialized, authorized laboratory. Click on the picture to read the complete report.