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25M, 35M, 45M Motor

100% Replacement for Vickers Motors and Cartridge Kits

Replacement parts for High Torque Vane Motors 25M, 35M and 45M series

With the cartridge independent of the shaft, allowing for easy change of flow capacity and field servicing without removing the motor from its mounting.

High speed and high-pressure motors ranging from 43.9 to 193.2 cm3 / r with 172 bar of maximum pressure and 9 torques rating choices. The internal inlet chambers are equally and diametrically opposed resulting in balanced in radial loads. Thus, the motors are hydraulically balanced which reduced wear and heat from friction.

These motors provide 90% efficiency due to dual pressure plates, which produced low internal leakage. Motors are bi-rotational, simply reversed by reversing in flow direction.