V 10-20 (F,P)

100% Replacement for Vickers and Rexroth Vane Pumps and Cartridge Kits

Replacement Cartridge kits for Fixed Displacement Single and Double Vane Pumps: V10, V20, V2010 and V2020. 

A cartridge kit design feature allows for easy repair and interchangeability between pumps. 

The vane design with self compensation for wear and clearances makes volumetric efficiency of pump nearly constant over the service life. (the vanes always adjust its orbit to contact with the cam ring, even though wear occurs between the cam ring and vane tips)

HV10,20 - Series Cartridge Kit

V10, V10F, V10P, V20, V20F, V20P, V2010, V2010F V2010P, V2020, V2020F, V2020P