RGDL Series Oil Filtration Unit

RGDL Oil Filtration Unit is used in shipping, power plants, steel mills, oil depots and related industries. Filter industrial oils, such as motor oil, to remove impurities and moisture, and improve various performances of the oil. It has a good purification effect on the oil. and is highly mobile due to its small size.

RGDL Oil Filtration Unit will not only save costs, but also protects the environment.

It is an ideal, fuel-saving, recycling equipment. 

RGDL Series units capacity starts from 50 L per minute up to 300 L per minute.

Fields of application: Hydraulic oil, Lubrication oil, Transformer oil, Turbine oil, Compressor oil, Insulating oil, Diesel oil, etc. 

We have conducted a comprehensive test report about the function and results of our oil filtration units. The report was conducted by independent engineers and the results were provided by a specialized, authorized laboratory. Click on the picture to read the complete report.